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Peter & Carolyn Upton

Your Celebrants in the Whitsundays

I have happily called the Whitsundays home since 1995.

My wife Carolyn and I have celebrated over 30 years of life together.  We have 3 adult children and 5 grandchildren …. so far.  Love, marriage and family are very important to us and is one of the main reasons I chose to become a registered Marriage Celebrant back in 2010.

Carolyn and I come as a ‘package deal’ when it comes to weddings.  I really enjoy the ‘front end’ or presentation of ceremonies, particularly in making sure the occasion Is as happy and enjoyable for everyone as possible.  I’m told I have a relaxed, calm type of personality so this really helps if either one of the bridal couple is feeling nervous or anxious.  My background is as a lecturer in health and fitness studies which has meant I am comfortable and confident speaking in front of groups – both large and small.

Like all Celebrants, I lodge your paperwork and legally marry couples, but I also consider the other aspects of the day as equally important.  Your day should be stress-free, with nothing to worry about regarding your ceremony, so you can really concentrate on just the two of you, knowing everything else is completely taken care of.

Carolyn on the other hand, excels at the ‘back end’ or behind the scenes side of things.  She looks after the administrative side of the weddings and is very prompt at responding to email correspondence with our couples.  Carolyn  has a background in journalism, so is fantastic at helping couples get down on paper, what it is they want to say during their ceremony.  We take an individual approach to each wedding, assisting you in personalising the ceremony so it is unique to the two of you.

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